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The New Season of the Worst Cooks in America Set to Return January 3rd

Food Network is bringing together The Worst Cooks In America for another season. Chef Tyler Florence is looking to de-thrown the reigning champion this time around. He wants to stop that five-time winning streak that Chef Anne Burrell is on. Can he pull it off? Or will Chef Anne secure another win? You will have to tune in to find out.

Worst Cook america 1 580x285 The New Season of the Worst Cooks in America Set to Return January 3rd

Join us for the premiere on Sunday, January 3rd at 9pm ET/PT to meet the Worst Cooks. Follow their journey to the finale two face off on finale night Sunday, February 14th at 9pm ET/PT. You can learn more about the members and check out some really fun stuff, like the “could you survive boot camp” quiz, or video highlights online at FoodNetwork.com/WorstCooks or join the Twitter discussion at #WorstCooks.

Tune in for another great season filled with culinary mishaps, blunders, and some good fashioned head to head competition. Set your DVR now, so you don’t miss a beat. Will the truck drive or the lunch lady take it all home? Who will be crowned the winner of The Worst Cooks in America and take home the $25,000 dollar prize?

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The All Time Classic TV Shows

Recently, it’s become an increasing tendency to purchase and enjoy classic TV shows on Dvd and Blu-ray for the friends and family enjoyment. The availableness of several of the all-time beloved classic Television shows on Dvd and Blu-ray and videos happens to be persistent across the United States. This lets people not only to make up for the last seasons of the tv shows which they may have skipped, but to return to the timeless classics that people plus the mothers and fathers was raised enjoying. It’s now incredibly easy to get seasons of TV shows which had been made Thirty or even Forty years ago, along with the Videos of the TV shows which are presently airing. United States appears to have got captivated with keeping in mind the heroes and events made throughout the earlier years of television programs. Exactly what are the causes of the increased interest in classic TV shows? [Read more…]

Stars and their Cars – Infographic

Can you really tell something about a person based on what they drive? Maybe not, but with celebrities, its always fun to try.

cars Stars and their Cars – Infographic

Is Eliza Doolittle an environmentally concerned tree hugger, as her Toyota Prius would suggest? We all know Kim Kardashian is all about flash, so its no surprise that she drives a Ferrari F430. And Fergie just might be size queen, what with her brand new Hummer H2.

So drive on down to Hollywood in your favorite car. Who knows, you may even see Ashton Kutcher pull alongside you. Youʼll know its him by the silver Fisker Surf heʼs in. [Read more…]

The James Bond and Casino Scenery

Despite the fact that Casino Royale is truly an clear hint that the film will include betting, the Casino Royale is certainly not the only film which includes moments of Bond having fun in one of his preferred passions.

The James Bond personality displays all that is the supreme bettor — coolness facing risk, serene when the competitors truly must be rising to the hot stage, smart enough to understand when to take a hand and the way to get the best usage of the hand he’s given, and oozing with assurance.

Casino Royale is authored by Ian Fleming, with the casino part founded on the trip to the Casino Estoril situated in Lisbon is listed as one of the top casino movies of all time. In the past, the Lisbon Casino had been a preferred party spot for German agents at the time of Second World War. [Read more…]

The Innovation In Televisions

Initial Liquid crystal display tv experienced disadvantages in accordance with standard visual screen technology. These issues have mostly been get over recently, and Liquid crystal display TV, together with plasma TV screens, took over the dominating marketplace status throughout the world out of cathode tube screens. A number of producers are additionally tinkering with stretching color processing of Liquid crystal display TVs. [Read more…]

Highest Paid Actors In Hollywood

There’s a substantial income paid out to popular actors in a film. Many of these actors are really popular, that simply connecting the name of an actor with that film could make that motion picture famous as well. Additionally, the personality of the actor develops its good quality and talent in the film. Celebs are the awareness hunters valued for the positioning they keep in public. People go over different limitations just for having a peek at them occasionally.

leonardo di caprio Highest Paid Actors In Hollywood [Read more…]

The Return of Culinary Stardom

FOOD NETWORK STAR BACK FOR ELEVENTH SEASON WITH FRESH CAST OF HOPEFULS COMPETING FOR CULINARY STAR-DOM! It is back! For twelve contestants the chance at a dream is within reach as Food Network Stars returns. Guided by Giada De Laurentilis and Bobby Flay, one of these twelve contestants will outshine the rest in and walk away with the grand prize: a Food Network show of their own. The competition will get fierce as the chance of a lifetime is right in front of them with their only task to be the very best.

foodnetworkstar cast 580x290 The Return of Culinary Stardom [Read more…]

The Only Way Is Essex

“The Only Way is Essex’ In case you have not heard about it you  are most likely out of another GALAXY! For people who have not seen  the tv show yet wish to know everything regarding , this post is for you.

essex The Only Way Is Essex

The particular  tv show is really a ‘dramility’ meaning it is a kind of reality that has no scripted parts and in most cases has normal everyday persons instead of skilled stars.  Wikipedia web site explains it as “real folks inaltered scenarios, stating unscripted lines however in an organized manner. The series is shot in Essex just a couple days ahead of time and it is narrated by Denise van Outen-Essex . We have seen Four tv series in the latest tv series concluding in Feb . 2012. The 1st tv series has been the most well-liked making Amy Child and Mark Wright’s household names. Amy  has eventually left the series and began Big Brother.. Since thenshe has  had her very own reality  and beauty salon,  Mark emerged runner up with reality. [Read more…]

Watch the 2014 Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show This November!

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only date to remember and celebrate this November. On Friday, November 7, at 8 PM EST, witness and extraordinary show hosted by the top celebrities in Miami, Florida. Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show Announces Celebrity Host Lineup: Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Jason Kennedy, and Michael Yo. These hosts will introduce you to the glamour and glitz walking down the runway with brand name designers using cotton materials. Get inspired up close and personal, or watch it streaming live online with over 70 retailers. Don’t miss these extravagant creations!

24 hours runaway cottons 10 580x580 Watch the 2014 Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show This November! [Read more…]

Top 10 Most Popular Television Cars

Cars are hardly ever the main stars of the movie or TV show, but there will always be cars which could steal the highlight and grab the fame for themselves. Listed here are ten of the very popular and famous cars in movies and on television, vehicles which are legends:

Aston Martin DB5 – The model of Aston Martin form 1964 was presented in the “Goldfinger” the third movie about her majesty secret agent James Bond. The car came to the news headlines as the ideal James Bond vehicle. That was the fame of glorious DB5, but couple of years ago, in last few movies James has started to drive Aston Martin again. 1964 DB5 have had 228 bhp, 6-cylinder, 4 litre engine, machine guns, bulletproof glass, and radar.

 1 1974 Aston Martin DB5 Top 10 Most Popular Television Cars [Read more…]