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Watch Celebrities Go Head to Head on Rachael vs Guy

On Food Network, the new year will kick off with a show that will allow celebrities to show off their chops on television. The third season of Rachael VS. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, which starts Monday, January 6 at 9PM ET/PT, will start off with a Medieval cooking challenge. Eight celebrities will be split in two teams, pitted against each other with a remaining competitor on the finale. The celebrities for this season are: Vanilla Ice, Florence Henderson, Chris Kattan, Judy Gold, Herschel Walker, Jake Pavelka, Tiffany, and Penn Jillette. Their first cook-off challenge? A preparation of a Medieval feast in 90 minutes for a stadium of hungry spectators.

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Model Your Home After Your Favorite TV Shows

If you are in the middle of setting up your home, this post may give you some ideas. Have you ever dreamed to have home decorated exactly like the ones from popular TV Shows? Spanish illustrator Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde worked hard to bring blueprints of a few of the television  most famous apartments. The artist recreated the floor plans from Friends and Gilmore Girls so you can get full experience from both Monica and Rachel and Chandler and Joey apartments. Check them out and if you like them click on artist  link and purchase some of the posters from his etsy store.

Gilmore Girlstv shows homes 1 Model Your Home After Your Favorite TV Shows

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Craig Robinson Continues His Rise to Fame

Craig Robinson is a stand-up comedian and an actor who is best known for his role on “The Office”. He was born in 1971 in Chicago. While growing up, he showed talent for comedy. He was discovered by his father who noticed his son’s talent for comedy and motivated him to give performance for his friends and family. As a young, Robinson studied music and played keyboard.

 Craig Robinson Continues His Rise to Fame

After graduating from high school he went to get undergraduate degree on the State University in Illinois. Robinson’s friends on college encouraged him to try stand-up comedy. He obtained master’s degree in education and taught music at elementary school. He put some effort on honing his skills in comedy by taking classes at the Second City. Initially he didn’t have success but he began to chart a part for his future achievements. [Read more...]

Doctor Who Most Evil Enemies

The TV series Doctor Who has been on our TVS for up to half a century. During that period it’s given us lots of character types and 11 Doctors. You will discover near to 1000 episodes of this series with numerous  comic books, audio adventures and novels. In most of those tales, the Doctor usually battles mad tyrants, megalomaniacs and evil aliens.

Within this overflowing sci-fi universe, Doctor’s most wicked enemies are summed up in 2 persons. The first is just known as the Master. The other one is Time Lord belonging to the planet Gallifrey. He also, just like Doctor became fed up with the Time Lord’s continuous monitoring on the remaining universe. Even so as opposed to the Doctor, the Master embarked on to the universe to induce destruction and chaos.doctor who 580x364 Doctor Who Most Evil Enemies

The Master initially came across the Doctor in the episode, ‘Terror of the Autons’ in which he fled from from the Time Lord’s prison and built his way to Plane Earth. He fought  many times with the 3rd Doctor right up until he fades away simply to show up again as  the 4th Doctor for that killing of the present Time Lord Leader. The master would continue trying to take the strength of the Keeper of Traken as well as control the body of Tremas, Nyssa’s father. [Read more...]

Food Network Star Starts June 2

Food Network’s continuous competition series Food Network Star returns for a ninth season this summer with fresh talent, powerful challenges, and culinary idols including Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and Alton Brown leading the charge to find the best and greatest new faces in culinary tv. In the one-hour season premiere on Sunday, June 2nd, at 9pm ET/PT, the 12 competitors come to Los Angeles, ready to start off the biggest audition of their lives to find out who has the personality, charisma and cooking skills to follow in their idols’ path and create their own show. In brand new twists and turns, focus groups of Food Network fans will have the chance to say their opinion on contestant performances and one finalist will be brought back after the elimination round for the second chance for victory. Viewers will also be allowed to vote on the website or by phone before the August 11th season finale to see who will win the ultimate prize: their own Food Network show.

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Look out for DIY Blog Cabin 2013!

    DIY Network is coming out with its seventh season of the interactive home building series, Blog CabinDIY Blog Cabin goes by the “You design it; we build it” motto. Since January, Blog Cabin’s page has hit a record-breaking 13 million views by allowing fans to design this year’s vacation home getaway.

DIY Blog Cabin 1 580x386 Look out for DIY Blog Cabin 2013!

Viewers are helping host Chris Grundy and the DIY team experts turn a late 1800s cottage into a modern coastal retreat. Viewers can go on www.DIYNetwork.com/BlogCabinVote to vote for home accents and housewarming gifts for the coastal retreat. “Blog Cabin is truly the coolest multi-media experience for home renovation junkies,” said Grundy. “Not only do viewers get a chance to win the ultimate grand prize – a coastal beach retreat – but fans can also cast their votes now for a chance to win matching amenities in the ‘Cabin Comforts’ Sweepstakes. All they have to do is log on, tune in and vote!” [Read more...]

Monica And Chandler Reunited

Probably the most famous television couple is reunited. Do not get excited because there will not be more Friends episodes. Courteney Cox retweeted two images of her and her “first box husband” few days ago making all their fans to go awww for the cute couple. This year will be 12 years anniversary since they get together in TV Show Friends. Check out their television wedding picture and scroll down to see current pictures retweeted bt Courteney. We miss you guys!

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All Time Best Friends

Did you know for the term “Best friends for life”? Even if you do not, the guys on picture bellow know it for sure! Check out the amazing picture of Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire in younger days as best friends. The friendship between those two actors dates years in the past while they were just kids and didn’t have fame and popularity. Even Leonardo get famous earlier than Tobey, the Tobey often tells how he was inspired with his BFF. The reason for new gathering is the 2013 upcoming movie The Great Gatsby in which both of the friends will feature as lead actors. We admire to this kind of friendship and we can’t wait to see this great movie…

friends 580x775 All Time Best Friends

What Hispanics Think About American TV Shows and Online Gambling

0806BIZLATINO articleLarge 580x319 What Hispanics Think About American TV Shows and Online Gambling

Have you ever wondered why we’re glued to the TV, most of the time? Admit it, when you sit on that big couch your main purpose is to stay there to watch television for all the hours of your life, if possible. But unfortunately, that’s highly unproductive, so we just squeeze in as much time as we can spare out of our busy day to watch TV. Going back to the question, maybe it’s our way of forgetting our troubles by escaping to that make-believe world where we just laugh or cry while following the everyday lives of our most favorite characters. What would otherwise be a boring and ordinary existence looks fabulous onscreen. Take for instance the life of Gloria Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family played by Sofia Vergara. She’s a housewife and a mother to Manny, and she does it with so much flair that she’s the envy of all housewives and mothers. Everyone who watches the show loves her. [Read more...]

New Contestants for Food Network’s Culinary Competition

Do you like watching competitions? How about competitions involving food? Well, this season on Food Network, you’ll have the pleasure to see that starting February 17th at 9PM ET/PT. The Fourth Season Of Worst Cooks In America Returns With Superstar Chefs Anne Burrell And Bobby Flay leading their teams to victory with fourteen new contestants. Contestants are from all different locations and background stories that many viewers will be able to relate. There are military officers, former college football players, parents, photographers, and much more. It’s time to take a look at some of these brave souls aiming to win the $25,000 grand prize.

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