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The Only Way Is Essex

“The Only Way is Essex’ In case you have not heard about it you  are most likely out of another GALAXY! For people who have not seen  the tv show yet wish to know everything regarding , this post is for you.

essex The Only Way Is Essex

The particular  tv show is really a ‘dramility’ meaning it is a kind of reality that has no scripted parts and in most cases has normal everyday persons instead of skilled stars.  Wikipedia web site explains it as “real folks inaltered scenarios, stating unscripted lines however in an organized manner. The series is shot in Essex just a couple days ahead of time and it is narrated by Denise van Outen-Essex . We have seen Four tv series in the latest tv series concluding in Feb . 2012. The 1st tv series has been the most well-liked making Amy Child and Mark Wright’s household names. Amy  has eventually left the series and began Big Brother.. Since thenshe has  had her very own reality  and beauty salon,  Mark emerged runner up with reality. [Read more…]